Country Base: Romania
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Pro-Bono, Financial Social Services, Nonprofits, Stock Exchange
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Industry Setting

In the bureaucratic Romanian institutional system, marginalized groups’ needs often remain unaddressed. Consequently, the NGO sector is diverse, well-developed and, until 2013, lacking an adequate financial tool. BCR-S, ERSTE Bank branch, launched Bursa Binelui (the Kindness Stock Exchange), a pro-bono platform to tackle exactly that – anyone can donate the smallest amount of money at no additional costs (such as transfer costs) that go towards various social programs.


As the initial identity did not proudly communicate the platform’s potential, BCR-S needed to understand the underlying challenges, besides an outdated logo. The platform lacked awareness, understanding and correct brand attribution – facts revealed for both client & agency after the brand audit was conducted. Hence, the objectives followed:

•  increase awareness for the Kindness Stock Exchange within the civil society (NGOs, Foundations) and among the BCR-S targets (employees and clients)
•  define a positioning and identity to clearly communicate what the platform is for
•  increase the correct brand attribution, as a pro-bono BCR-S platform


The fair, righteous brand positioning we developed was that of an innovative, para-banking service with a humanitarian mission. As one of the employees meaningfully put it, while BCR-S aims to create financial value, BCR-S’ Kindness Stock Exchange aims to create civic value.

Clearly, the identity needed to be integrated with that of the mother-brand, ERSTE Bank, while still being sustainable on its own, under the promise of a zero-commissioned banking service.

To appeal to various clients, from BCR-S traditional clients and to clients of other banks, the identity had to portray kindness as a cool attribute, to entice hip and young audiences as well.


The result is an independent platform that works as a social aggregator of various projects all supporting and indirectly encouraging each-other. Donations increased by 36% percent in the first 8 months after the rebranding, 16% more projects were submitted, while Facebook fans increased by 29.5% percent (period: October 2014- May 2015).


Client: BCR-S Bursa Binelui –
Communication Director: Ionuț Stanimir
Chief of Corporate Communications and Communitarian Affairs: Andreea Nicoleta Deliu

Brand Strategists/Designers: Rusu+Borțun Brand Growers

Creative Director: Cătălin Rusu
Brand Strategist: Alina Tudose
Brand Designer: Tudor Năstase
Brand Copywriter: Ionuț Maxim
Account Management:
Adriana Lungu
Raluca Țurcanașu

Brand Implementation (Events & Social Media): The Institute –
Irina Florea
Florentina Loloiu