Country Base: Indonesia
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Technology, Data Centers, Retail Stores, Fiber Optics, Networks
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Industry Setting

Biznet Networks has been operating a state of the art fiber optic network and the largest data center in Indonesia since 2000, establishing the brand as a leading B2B fiber optic operator in the region.


With new wifi and cable TV services launching for home consumers, they needed to update their image to resonate with a wider audience. Simply put, Biznet needed to transform into a world-class B2B and B2C brand.


Our solution was to create a unique, flexible visual system that represented the dynamic world of Biznet and its aspirations. The icon and logotype are understated and easy to read for all customer segments. To appeal to both a B2B and B2C audience, the visual system incorporates human elements such as approachable photography and illustrations of product benefits.


Since rebranding, Biznet has continued its exponential growth. The company is tirelessly dedicated to one long-term vision: An Indonesia where every individual and business is seamlessly connected to achieve their individual and collective potential.


Client: Biznet –
Marketing Manager: Justine Firth

Brand Strategists/Designers: Interbrand –

Creative Director: Marcel Wijnen
Design Director: Steve Harkin
Designer: Sherry Lee
Designer: Henrique Aguiar
Design Implementer: Kenny Tiang
Senior Client Manager: Jonathan Bernstein
Strategy Director: Will Taylor
Consultant: Vicki Lai