Country Base: Switzerland
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Wine, Restaurants, Dining, Hospitality, Food, Italian, Winery
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Industry Setting

Way back in 1909, Bindella was established as a dealer of fine wines. The Zurich-based family-run enterprise also enjoys an outstanding reputation both as hosts in their 40 restaurants and as wine producers themselves. Bindella is a family-run enterprise of the wine and restaurant business based in Zurich. [We] were awarded a long-term and comprehensive brand mandate that includes both the brand strategy and its implementation. The new brand focuses on Bindella’s historical tradition and long-standing competence relating to all things Italian.


Now in its third generation, the company has over 1,200 employees. With their growing portfolio, Bindella had lost a clear focus in its offerings. Before the company is handed over to the next generation, the agency was charged with the challenge of creating a clear, forward-looking, and sustainable positioning.


The new brand relates stories about how passionate host and art collector, Rudi Bindella, looks in on the family-owned wine estate in Tuscany and enthusiastically celebrates the claim “la vita è bella.” The copperplate script used for the logo stems from great grandfather Rudolf’s hand­writing, and underlines the family enterprise’s long-standing commitment to tradition. Italian brio shimmers throughout the new brand image.


The Bindella brand vitality is now evident at every point of contact. From delivery vans to wine catalogs, through to the new online presence. A consistent combination of images, art and typography give the Bindella brand its unique appearance. Moreover, that Italian flair should also be experienced when dealing with Bindella employees. Both drivers, and sommeliers are being issued new uniforms. The brand’s red color will be used to give all textiles a consistent appearance, while a cheerful “Benvenuti” needs no explanation.


Client: Bindella terra vite vita SA –
CEO: Rudi Bindella & Sons

Brand Strategists/Designers: Branders Group AG –

CEO: René Allemann
Brand Consultant to the CEO: Marisa Güntlisberger
Senior Brand Designer: Palma Manco
Brand Designer: Soraya Gaouaoua
Brand Designer: Martina Keusch
Photography: Gian-Marco Castelberg