Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: USA
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Publications, Publishers, Magazines, Retailer, Home Improvement, Decoration, Design, Food, Cooking, Digital

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Industry Setting

In the 94 years since Better Homes & Gardens first debuted, the publication industry has rapidly changed with the rise of digital. Better Homes & Gardens has kept up with that change, radically expanding from a magazine brand with a handful of related books to a highly complex system of digital, social and mobile platforms as well as a broad based global licensing program. With 94% brand awareness, the magazine is a trusted source of inspiration for its 40 million readers across platforms.


As the number of publication platforms grew, individual teams modified the logo to adapt it to their mounting needs. This process brought to light the limitations that came with the existing arrangement of the name and use within digital, social and mobile channels. Not to mention the growing identity disconnect across the portfolio.

In order to fully leverage their well-earned trust across platforms, the brand needed a flexible system with a strong core identity. From the outset, the direction was to imagine the iconic logo as a more modern and simplified expression that could flex across the entire portfolio and align with the refreshed creative direction of the magazine while not alienating the core readership.


The new design is rooted in the heritage, but as a new, simplified expression ready to carry the brand into the future. With a new logo and design toolkit, the visual system links all the platforms and extensions through a modern and adaptable identity system. And by creating a consistent, cohesive brand identity that is recognizable in print, online and in-market, we are able to give readers, friends and fans a greater connection and affinity to a richer Better Homes & Gardens.


The new logo and brand identity debuted in the January issue of the magazine and rolled out across the brand’s many digital assets in the coming months — fully bolstered by a stronger, more cohesive visual system that allows Better Homes & Gardens to create connections across all its valuable communication channels.


Client: Better Homes & Gardens – www.bhg.com
Creative Director: Jennifer Madara

Brand Strategists/Designers: Lippincott – www.lippincott.com

Creative Director:
Global Creative Director: Connie Birdsall

Art Director:
Partner, Design: Jenifer Lehker

Sr. Design Director: Bethany Lesko
Senior Designer: Angela Ko

Department Director, Production: Jeremy Darty
Sr. Production Artist: Jeanine Colgan

Type Design: Type Firm – www.daltonmaag.com