Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Taiwan
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Chemistry, Chemical Processing, Industry, Products, Science, Special-Purpose Chemicals, Taiwan, Transform, Transition

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Industry Setting

Bestchem, a Taiwanese chemical processing company founded in 1969, initially focused on the production and marketing of raw materials for textile printing, such as printing pastes, color pastes, and additives. The company has since shifted its business model towards diversified development, producing safe household cleaners, nano-photocatalysts, and special-purpose chemicals.


Bestchem hoped that its rebranding efforts will be the starting point for the company’s planned transition. The primary challenge of the project was putting a positive spotlight on the company’s expansion and diversification while maintaining a focus on its original company values.


The inspiration for this project stemmed from Bestchem’s own corporate vision. During the discussion stage of design development, the designers reached the conclusion that while chemicals and the companies that produce them are often viewed negatively, Bestchem sees its mission as one of using chemistry to better people’s lives. They then developed the Metamorphosis design concept to symbolize Bestchem’s growth and development and the public’s changing perceptions, with the goal of rebranding the company to create a positive corporate image and express an upbeat, forward-looking attitude.


The design process was heavily based on initial strategic discussions, in which the designers explored and determined the requirements for the logo design. By repeatedly reviewing concepts and compositions, they were able to create a logo that fully illustrated the qualities of the company.

The logo is the first thing a potential customer notices, and its design has been extended in all aspects of the company’s brand. The designers developed the Metamorphosis identity for Bestchem to convey and drive the company’s belief in its mission to its target audience, to close the gap between company and customer, and to create an image of trust and a positive reputation.


Client: BESTCHEM – www.chemical.com.tw

General Manager: Yi-Sung Chien

Brand Strategists/Designers: BYEn – www.byen.biz

Founder & Executive Director: Tsung-Hua Yang