Country Base: USA
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Legal, Corporate Law, Business Counsel and Advisory Services
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Industry Setting

Corporate law firms have an especially difficult time differentiating themselves. Whether it’s a result of having too many cooks in the kitchen or lawyers’ obsession with precedent and language, the branding for these firms is often generic and the messaging noncommittal.


Bernstein Shur is a 100-attorney, New England-based law firm with national prowess. But it is often pigeonholed as “regional.” Approaching its 100th anniversary and with a new, younger management team in place, the firm looked to compete more aggressively, and it identified a rebrand as key to achieving this goal.


Being personable and familiar—humanizing traditionally cold institutions—is a hot trend in B2B marketing, but it still hasn’t been adopted by the corporate legal sector. It’s also something that Bernstein Shur could truly own. So, to make this midsize firm stand out among regional, as well as much larger competitors, we developed a brand identity and voice that captures their uniquely amiable personality, while still communicating sophistication and competence.

Additionally, the vast majority of corporate law firm names follow a similar structure: one to four last names of [usually deceased] partners. So, we introduced the “Be Shur” nickname, a secondary mark with a call to action—and assurance of good legal counsel—baked right in. While not [yet] a wholesale name change, it lays the foundation for Bernstein Shur to move to a more progressive name as the industry evolves.


After months of collaboration with a 15-person management committee, we launched the new brand identity to internal and external acclaim. Our efforts have helped the firm cross-sell more effectively and bolster their recruiting efforts—both key components of their five-year strategic plan.


Client: Bernstein Shur –

Brand Strategists/Designers: Thinkso Creative –

Art Direction: Brett Traylor
Editorial Direction: Elizabeth Amorose
Copywriting: Kim Mickenberg
Tyler Fortney
Alfred Assin
Sarah Cohen
Web Design:
Tyler Fortney
Ben Cummings
Project Management: Naomi Geller
Photography: Brian Fitzgerald
Illustration: Aimee Sicuro