Country Base: Indonesia
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Travel, Tourism, Places, Geographic Locations, Countries
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Industry Setting

Belitung Timur (East Belitung) is a pristine natural beauty on the island of Belitung, Indonesia. It is known for its pearl sand contour and is made famous for the inspiration and location behind a 2008 movie ‘Laskar Pelangi’ (Rainbow Troops).


Ever since the success of ‘Laskar Pelangi’, Belitung Timur has been well received as ‘Negeri Sejuta Pelangi’ or the ‘Land of a Million Rainbows’. While the impact has been positive, the tourism board seeks to pursue a more holistic branding approach to give fresh competitive edge for tourists and investors. This called for a new brand identity that will be compelling to both local and international markets.


Site-visit explorations and one-on-one interviews with the local industry professionals (from hotel, travel agents to government officials) unfold the story of Belitung Timur as a place that embraces simplicity, humility and most of all, clarity.

This is the idea translated into the new visual identity with a simple yet authentic logotype expressing purity of nature and a down-to-earth personality. The logo is also supported by supergraphics elements inspired by when the land meets the sea. The dynamic layer represents cultural diversity and is also a modern take on the rainbow identity on which Belitung Timur holds.

Altogether, the new visual language is applied consistently across a suite of communication materials to shine new light on the tourism destination.


Belitung Timur has rebuilt its brand clarity and has set its tone of communication. The branding initiative is expected to attract local and international tourists, strengthen investor relations, and drive social economic development. It is also ready to accommodate future plans such as an international airport and marine port.


Client: Belitung Timur Tourism –

Brand Strategists/Designers: Redspace –

Group CEO: Daniel Surya
Creative Managing Director: Stefanus Alvie
Creative Director: Renindia Karyandi
General Manager: Florentina Niradewi
Operational Manager: Marsha Andrea
Brand Consultant: Sharon Moniaga & Vinda Hardikurnia
Brand Designer: Dali Dwiputra & Tarisa Indah Halim
Account Executive: Alfi Nur Fajrina
Credit for images: All images are used for simulation purposes only