Component Rebrand
Country Base: New Zealand
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Food, Restaurants, Tofu, Plant-Based, FMCG, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Supermarket, Vegan, Vegetarian, Health, Wellness, Nutrition

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Industry Setting

Bean Supreme’s original soybean range has been around since the 80s. 30 years on, their tofu and wholefood products sit alongside an array of new competitors in the convenient meat-free FMCG category catering to a 30% year-on-year increase in demand*. It was time for Bean Supreme to refresh its identity and tell its story.

*Colmar Brunton


Customer testing showed that the products were popular with loyalists and the increasingly mainstream ‘flexitarian’ audience. However, the brand recall was only for the ‘white pack’ — nobody knew the brand name, tag-line, values or who Bean Supreme was.

It was over to us to modernize their look with a renewed energy and hero the bean — without losing any customers along the way.


The founders’ discovery of Chinese soybeans nicknamed ‘Brings Happiness’ informed Bean Supreme’s original ethos — we loved the idea of eating your way to health and happiness, so saved it for later.

We wanted the photography to be Insta-worthy and inspirational: like you were ‘eating with your eyes’. We focused on people’s hands holding and sharing baos, buns and bowls—appealing to the hands-on, social foodies we’d met at our customer testing sessions.

The pack whiteness was staying as a key brand code, so to express flavor and create a happy energy vibe, we upgraded it with hand-written marker style typography in bright ‘flavor-hits.’ The colors added energy and matched our made-at-home photography.

Finishing touches included custom icons to hero individual product features and benefits — along with the ‘fireworks’ (the expressive marker lines) to highlight photography and copy.


The new Bean Supreme was rolled out across new and existing SKUs. The iconic white pack now bursts with energy, standing out to new and loyal fans on supermarket shelves — which contributed to increases in Bean Supreme’s consumer brand awareness and sales across their product range.


Client: Bean Supreme (a Life Health Foods brand) –

Brand Managers: Liz O’Meara and Mark Roper

Brand Strategists/Designers/Insights/Client Services:
Principals –

Strategy Director: Nick Sampson
Creative Director: Jodine Bell
Designer Director: Stephen Kane
Designers: Jay Yang, Max Ostler, Jamie Turnbull
Senior Account Director: Jo Hanson
Account Management: Ava Wardecki, Britta Sisam-Jones

Photography (Collective Force): Josh Griggs, Jason Jones, Libby Cavenett

Food Stylists: Joshua Jones, Francis Carter and Fiona Smith

Writer: Kate Phillips

Social and Social Content: Content & Co (photographer Maggie Gardine)