Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Romania
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Financial Services/Insurance, Retail Stores/Property Developments, Banking, Retail, Romanian, Banca Transilvania, Brandient, Investments, Wealth Management, Credit

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Industry Setting

Banca Transilvania was established by private investors in 1994 in the heart of Transylvania. Since then, it has evolved from a small, local bank to be the leading Romanian bank founded with private capital, and the most valuable banking brand in the country.


In 2015, its visionary top management commissioned a brand revitalization, with the purpose to better reflect the bank’s exceptional evolution and performance.

Three additional objectives had to be addressed in the process. First, to ensure consistency and increased visibility of the brand across all manifestations (retail, communication, digital presence), in order to improve customer experience. Second, to increase brand appeal and favorability to the young and premium targets, by making the brand more modern, dynamic and future-driven. Third, to consolidate internal alignment as a basis for future growth.

Concurrently, existing brand positioning and associations — dedicated to entrepreneurial people, authentic, Romanian, popular — needed protection.


The strategic decision following the brand audit was to enhance the elements of the brand’s solid brand equity.

The shield monogram was updated to include a tricolor, with each color modulated to give an appearance of light, perspective and volume. The color palette, inspired by the national colors, became part of the new identity, honoring both the Romanian entrepreneurial roots of the bank and the social significance of its resolute business focus: “The bank for enterprising people.”

A series of graphic devices were designed to complete the visual vocabulary and to cover various communications applications: a dynamic strip to accommodate new communication opportunities as they arise, digital and signage icons, a unified system of buttons, etc.

The word mark was updated to Meta Serif — providing the brand more robustness and order, while increasing retail visibility and digital performance.


The bold move to take up both the honor and the responsibility of becoming a manifestly Romanian brand has positively impacted internal stakeholders — inducing a strong sense of purpose and pride.

Externally, the rebrand was very well received and seen as natural, in line with public perceptions.

The bank’s communications became more visible and powerful through the consistency ensured by the new visual territory.

Additionally, by strategically partnering with creative, entrepreneurial and entertainment events and projects, its modern identity has successfully signaled and raised favorability among the young target, ensuring strong bonds with tomorrow’s pool of clients and, of course, entrepreneurs.


Client: Banca Transilvania – www.btri.ro

Brand Strategists/Designers: Brandient – www.brandient.com

Design Director: Ciprian Badalan
Creative Director: Cristian Kit Paul
Designer: Solene Cesbron