Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: USA
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Financial Services, Assets, Investments, Management, Private Assets, Advisory, Private Equity, Public Equity, Credit, Ventures, Strategic Alternatives

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Industry Setting

Since its founding, Bain Capital has applied a unique combination of insight and experience to build one of the world’s leading private multi-asset investment firms. The company has organically expanded its platform to include numerous asset classes while also establishing a significant global presence. Many of the asset class businesses operated under individual brand names, and while they were successful and competitive, they did not leverage the full power of the Bain Capital platform.


Firm leadership realized a need to formally define a brand strategy — one that could powerfully articulate the values at the core of the firm’s success and also serve as a uniting story for its businesses across the board. Our challenge was to unlock the value inherent in the brand and create new opportunities for greater business advantage.


Research with employees, external partners and investors revealed consistent thread: Virtually everyone associated with the firm recognized that culture — the way the organization thinks, works and treats people regardless of geography or tenure — was at the heart of what makes the company unique. The brand was already embedded throughout the organization, but it had never been fully expressed.

A key recommendation was to unite all the independent business units under a new brand architecture that supports Bain Capital as the parent brand, unifying the firm under a shared expression, leveraging both the name and the stature of the firm.

Then, we created a new identity to unite the businesses through an ownable, shared symbol, and a flexible new visual system that integrates elements of the symbol to create a distinctive Bain Capital expression across print and digital channels.


In combination with a new brand architecture, the new logo and visual system helped bring to life a refreshed brand that is flexible enough to address individual audiences, capabilities and the unique characteristics of each Bain Capital business, while also expressing the firm’s stellar reputation and supporting its continuing efforts to always create a lasting impact.


Client: Bain Capital – www.baincapital.com

Brand Strategists/Designers: Lippincott – www.lippincott.com

Creative Director:
Partner, Design: Jenifer Lehker

Partner, Design: Bogdan Geana
Sr. Design Director: Michael Guerin, Sr. Design Director
Design Director: James Atkins
Design Director: Rui Maekawa
Senior Designer: Kaito Gengo

Partner, Brand Strategy: Sasha Stack
Associate, Brand Strategy: Jenny Rosenbloom

Department Director, Production: Jeremy Darty
Sr. Production Manager: Brendan deVallance
Sr. Production Artist: Jeanine Colgan
Sr. Presentation Specialist: Gladys Fabara