Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: China
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Architecture, Construction, Property Development, Home Furnishings and Accessories, Household Products, Supplies, Retail Stores, Property Developments, Doors, Windows, Security

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Industry Setting

Located in Suzhou Jiangsu province, Baerdick is an enterprise focused on door- window systems including research, production and installation. Due to the lack of distinct brand positioning and low market recognition, the company had made very slow progress with its high quality products in the past six years since its establishment.


With the help of market research, we decided to reposition the company as the “safety first” brand to make it stand out in the marketplace.


Synchronized updates include brand colors, brand symbols, and new powerful fonts.The key elements of the new logo are drawn from the lion, symbolizing strength and security, an angular lion symbol and a blue lion Batty image, which expresses Baltic’s (parent company) “safety first” brand concept. We worked closely with Baltic’s managerial and customer experience executives to visualize safety and embed that in every corner of the brand’s environments and store experience.


The new brand positioning has greatly energized Baerdick to increase its unique brand value. With the regional sales increase at 53% one year after the rebranding work, Baerdick has rapidly grown into an outstanding brand in its field and become one of the top 10 window-door prize winners in China.


Client: Baerdick (Suzhou) Curtain Wall System Co. LTD – www.baerdick.com

Brand Strategists/Designers: Visdombrand – www.visdombrand.com

Chief Creative Officer: Ronghua LV
Executive Creative Director: Xiaoyu Zhang