Country Base: Australia
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Government, State Agencies, Delivery Services, Postal
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Industry Setting

Australia Post is Australia’s national postal service. It has been helping to connect Australian businesses and communities for over 200 years. But the decline of mail, rise of the digital economy, and proliferation of disruptive start-ups looking to cash in on a world increasingly lived online, means Australia Post is currently facing one of the most challenging periods in its history.


Australia Post needed to demonstrate that it was changing to meet the demands of modern customers. Our brief was to contemporize the brand and reposition Australia Post as the country’s leading ecommerce company. The new identity needed to uphold the trust and heritage of the brand, and to continue to appeal to Australia Post’s wide variety of internal and external audiences.


Australia Post is a national icon – a highly visible, recognized and trusted brand with a long history – so starting from scratch was not an option. Instead we addressed each element of the brand separately. We created a more dynamic version of the logo, implemented a fresh new photography style that feels warm and human, created a flexible new illustration style – united by the square shape of the logo, contemporized the color palette and typography, and introduced a new brand voice. Once we’d refreshed the core identity, we looked at how it could stretch to target different audiences, being mindful of maintaining the integrity of the master brand that customers know and trust.

ResultThe result was a contemporary – yet flexible – new identity system that’s more relevant to modern consumers. It’s more reflective of the organization’s brand purpose (everyone, everywhere, everyday), and provides greater scope for the brand’s role as an ecommerce leader. The new identity has been rolled out to all business units and target audiences. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.


Client: Auspost –

Brand Strategists/Designers: Principals –

Strategy Director: Wayde Bull
Executive Creative Director: Simon Wright
Design Director: Gabriel Mello
Senior Designer: Josh Sobel
Designer: Carolina Relander
Group Account Director: Melissa Dale
Account Director: Mat Hyde
Account Manager: Lucy Calder
Artwork: Adam Leddin
Production: Vanessa Meaker
Head of Writing: James Schloeffel
Writer: Michael Thebridge