Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: USA
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Telecommunications, Blue, Globe, Entertainment, Mobile, Internet of Things, Telco, Telephone, Digital, Media, Innovation

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Industry Setting

AT&T is America’s premier integrated communications company with 200,000+ employees, 90,000+ vehicles, and thousands of retail stores. AT&T has been dramatically reimagining their business through global expansion with acquisitions of: Nextel Mexico and Iusacell; leadership in fast-moving B2B space like the industrial Internet-of-things connected car markets; and a $49 billion merger with DIRECTV to become the largest pay-television provider in the world. With all of this change, AT&T was becoming an entirely new kind of company, which had major implications.


With an existing brand identity optimized for the highly competitive wireless market, AT&T found their brightly-colored, bubbly look did not resonate in the entertainment and enterprise contexts now critical to their business. [We] were tasked with reimagining the brand to establish credibility in new markets, provide flexibility across diverse products and audiences, and introduce thousands of new employees at DIRECTV, Nextel Mexico and Iusacell to AT&T.


Aligned on a masterbrand architecture, [We] created a refined suite of core elements—a streamlined, confident reimagining of the iconic Globe logo, refreshed brand color palette, new experience principles and brand voice to unify the brand across business units and experiences. A companion suite of flexible assets, including a new photography and illustration language and a custom proprietary type family in 3 styles and six weights, complemented the core brand for specific audience needs in contexts both enterprising and entertaining.


The result is a powerful, dynamic brand which emphasizes cohesion over consistency, allowing AT&T to be credible and recognizable in all of their new contexts. We brought the new identity to life across a huge variety of the brand’s experiences — from new technician uniforms to a reimagined billing experience, employee behaviors, to retail signage, fleet design to hackathons at CES (Consumer Electronics Show). The updated AT&T Globe logo, brand color and AT&T Aleck typeface now connect the brand’s advertising and digital platforms. The rollout of the identity continues across AT&T’s vast landscape of over 200,000+ employees, 90,000+ vehicles, and thousands of retail stores as they continue to expand their brand promise of mobilizing a world that works for people like never before.


Client: AT&T – www.att.com

VP, Global Brand Design: Gregg Heard
Director, Brand Identity & Design: Matt Staab
Director, Brand Identity & Design: Mike Williams
Director, Brand Managent & Verbal Identity: Julie Boilesen
Sr. Manager, Brand Identity & Design: L’Anda Johnson

Brand Strategists/Designers: Interbrand – www.interbrand.com

Executive Creative Director North America: Chris Campbell
Creative Director: Darrin Crescenzi
Creative Director: Kurt Munger
Creative Director: Forest Young
Design Director: Pan Yamboonruang
Motion Design Director: Jurgen Koch
Senior Designer: Sung Suh
Designer: Taylor Simpson
Implementation Manager: Miguel Rivera
QC Specialist: Robert Rosenberg
Associate Director: Lauren Thebault
Senior Consultant: Mary Aldon
Director: Claire Falloon
Consultant: Corey Lewis
Consultant: Melissa Jarrett
Consultant: Justin Dean
Director: Carmel Williamson
Associate Director: Calvin Yu
Client Manager: Natalie Balthrop
Associate Client Program: Shelby Issersohn
Senior Director: Dominik Prinz
Director: Amanda Munilla
Associate Consultant: AJ Feld

Design/Client Service Strategy: Dalton Maag – www.daltonmaag.com

Creative Director: Fabio Haag
Font Designer: Damien Collot
Client Service: Mark Shaw

Music: Man Made Music – www.manmademusic.com

EVP Managing: Director Lauren McGuire
Creative Director: Dan Venne
Account: Director Elisabeth Mainiero