Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: USA
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Internet, Multimedia, Mobile Products or Services, Technology, Software, SaaS, Mobile App, Market Data and Analytics

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Industry Setting

App Annie is the most trusted mobile data and analytics platform with more than 1,100 enterprise clients and 1 million registered users across the globe. We are universally regarded as the standard in our space, with the most accurate and comprehensive data in the industry.


As the app economy grew, so did our value, and as a result we began selling to a much wider audience than just the gaming companies and mobile-first businesses that gave us our start.
It became evident there was a growing disparity between how we were perceived and the strategic value we offered. The original brand included a script font for our logo and the Annie avatar. While these both appealed in the early years to the early adopters, these brand elements didn’t resonate well with many other more mainstream businesses. For example, our sales team often cited the uphill battle they faced when explaining why our service demanded premium pricing when our brand was so casual.


The lynchpin for our new branding rested on a new logo. In devising the strategy for this, we wanted to create something that had depth, that went beyond a first read, and that was authentic to our value.

The logomark was initially born from a cube, which represents a unit of data, but with an elongated central point. The resulting shape is what we call “the gem.” The gem has multi-faceted dimensionality, much like the insights derived from our data. It also represents the precision and quality of our software, and gives a nod to our roots in gaming as a way of “leveling up” with App Annie.

For the wordmark, we chose Commuter Sans, which is a clean, wide, and highly legible typeface that complemented the line work of the gem itself.


The rebrand launched on September 26, 2019. We did, however, conduct a global survey that included hundreds of customers and prospects, targeted by key personas across all serviced industries, roles, and regions. The result was conclusively favorable, with the new branding preferred by 78% of all respondents vs. the old branding.


Client: App Annie – www.appannie.com

Brand Strategists/Designers: App Annie Team – www.appannie.com

Senior Director, Brand, Design, and Web, Creative Director: Amitabh Handa – linkedin.com/in/amitabhhanda
Senior Brand Designer, Designer: Cait Camarata
Senior Creative Producer, Rebrand Producer: Samantha Dullea