Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Kingdom of Bahrain
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Industrial Building Supplies, Middle East, Manufacturing, Construction, Woodworking, Wood, Steel, Building Materials, Design, Architecture, Project Management, Tools, Fencing

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Industry Setting

Al Nooh is a family business, operating since 1952, with ownership passing from father to sons recently. The company had grown from its core competency in ‘wood design’ to a broader capability covering other core areas of construction. Now the business handles steel, fencing, fabrication, woodworking and general construction materials. As well as its competencies in materials handling and craft, Al Nooh has a growing building supplies business including the sale and maintenance of building tools.


While the business grew, it added more and more logos to its collection which created brand management issues. While the units were united in some part by visual and literal properties (namely the teal green color), there was little else to support integration. The leaders of each firm named their business units, as they liked. As these units grew, names became more adrift from the core brand competency. Names like ‘Wood Design’ didn’t tell you what the unit did.


We created a new strategic framework including a new vision, values, positioning and essence before creating a simplified brand architecture and group nomenclature – the new naming strategy is a simple, two word descriptor of the key services (i.e ‘Tools Services’) while ‘Wood Design’ was given a clearer descriptor. The simpler brand mark is a sympathetic progression from the traditional ‘sketch dhow’ mark and retains a link to the firm’s heritage while still providing them with a new, contemporary brand signature.


Overall, the brand now has an identity that has a greater sense of visual clarity, is simpler to control, and enhances the brand’s reputation for craft. The brand has a clear sense of differentiation across the different business units, yet retains a clear link between all business units. The relaunch was held at Bahrain’s International Exhibition center with overwhelmingly positive reception by customers, suppliers and the press. The newly evolved face of the brand has been accepted by even the staunchest advocates of the previous logo.

The family has united around a new brand persona and rallied to the new vision. Positive perception has also increased among polled employees.


Client: Al Nooh – www.al-nooh.com
Owner: Hussein Al Nooh
Director: Cherie Al Nooh

Brand Strategists/Designers: Unisono – www.unisonoagency.com

Creative Director: Liam Farrell
Designers: Dmitry Krasnoiarov, Hajer Ghareeb, Reem Radhi
Copywriting: Liam Farrell