Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Switzerland
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Energy & Utilities, Industrial/Manufacturing, Machine Learning, Technology Hardware and Software

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Industry Setting

The Energy and 4th industrial revolutions are changing the industry landscape by intertwining the physical and digital worlds at unprecedented speed. As a technology leader, ABB is well positioned to drive this change. The brand, however, was yet to follow.


The brand had 4 challenges to rapidly overcome:
– from a product- and division-centric to a synergetic mindset
– from a heterogeneous to the aligned use of the brand as strategic tool
– from the perception of ABB as a heavy industry player to a digital leader
– from a follower of trends to the driver of the new age of digitalization


The scale and culture of the organization meant that standard approaches would struggle and an agile, phased methodology would be required. At the heart of the revitalized brand is the newly revealed promise “Let’s write the future. Together.” It captures everything that has made ABB a success for so many decades – the collaborative approach, the proactive spirit and the focus on achieving results that benefit both customers and the wider society. This has been carried through into a transformed visual and verbal identity that moves away from the static, print and predominantly heavy industry-oriented past into a fast moving, energetic, connected, people-centric identity, all while building on the existing strengths of the brand.


The brand transformation project is ongoing but has already seen incredible results, both among customers and employees. It has emphasized that ABB is customer-centric, digital-first, and repositioned ABB as a pioneering technology leader at the forefront of the 4th Industrial Revolution.


Client: ABB Ltd – abb.com

Christoph Sieder, Head of Corporate Communications
Nicolas Ziegler, Head of Global Brand Management
Patricia Schmidt, Corporate Communications for Brand Transformation
Alexander-Philipp Aeschbach, Brand Designer
Lena Sattler, Brand Governance
Nadja Schmid, Brand Governance

Agencies and Partners – Brand Strategists/Designers:

Straightline: straightlineworld.com
Admind: admindagency.pl
MetaDesign Zurich: en.metadesign.com/
GlobeOne: globe-one.com/
Serviceplan Suisse: serviceplan.ch/en/home.html
Dalton Maag: daltonmaag.com