Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Croatia
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Housing, Apartments, Rental, Europe,

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Industry Setting

Irundo, formerly known as Zig Zag, is the leading company in the apartment rental industry in Southeastern Europe. During the years they have evolved their business from renting just a couple of apartments in the center of Zagreb to more than 200 apartments in 6 European cities – Zagreb, Split, Rovinj, Dubrovnik, Belgrade and Vienna.


They decided to rebrand to become more modern for today’s consumer, and strengthen themselves for the future.


The rebranding was led by the brand insight about the consumers – they want to freely explore a foreign town, city or any place yet feel safe and comfortable each time they return to their new “home”. The apartments are located in the very heart of the city amidst the city’s most prominent sites.

Based on the insight, we created the brand story:

„We are eager for new experiences, ready to immerse ourselves into a new city, ready to feel like strangers among new surroundings, ready to explore, to look around, to soak up the new world around us, and feel like we are part of it.

When we immerse ourselves into a new world, it is exciting. We feel like real adventurers who don’t yet know what awaits them. We want to try something completely new, and experience the world of the unexpected, a world that we’ve never tasted, smelled, touched, seen or heard. A world that will enrich us internally and add new meaning to the everyday life of our expected world.

Though this new, unexpected world is exciting, it is also strange to us. Amid the excitement and the newness, we need a place to feel secure, a protected shelter, a place that can even feel like home. Our need for home is a natural instinct.

The quest of adventure is too often held back with our longing for the warm feeling of home. All adventurers want to both satisfy their natural instinct for home and the thrill of exploring new places.“

We named the brand after the swallow (in Latin hirundo), a migratory bird which always returns home to its nest, and it can also be pronounced as I-run-do because we always want to encourage you to go out and get to know the city through the eyes of its residents. Along with the brand name, we have created the brand slogan Be adventurous. Feel at home.

Through the illustration of the city, the new visual identity of the brand portrays the adventure of exploring new places. In the middle of the sign there is a hidden letter “i” which symbolizes the key strength of the brand – central location of all of its apartments. The round and symmetric sign represents the stamp of quality and further encourages the feeling of security and trust.


The new name was much easier to understand for the guests arriving from all over the world. The new identity and the whole communication made them instantly feel at home, but also ready to explore the city they’re visiting.


Client: Irundo – irundo.com/en/

Brand Strategists/Designers: Fabular – fabular.agency

Design: Manasteriotti DS – manasteriotti.com