Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Taiwan
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Education, Advisory Services, Students, Institutions, Colleges, Universities, Learning

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Industry Setting

Intake (formerly UKEAS) has provided overseas education advisory services since 1993. After opening more than 30 offices in 9 countries, across Asia, Africa, and Europe, the company needed to renew its brand so that it would contribute positively to future growth initiatives and connect with its new audiences.


Intake’s original name and logo were not reflective of its shifting ambitions. Looking to the future, the brand wanted to open itself up to various new services beyond helping students to study abroad in the UK and US. Therefore, it would need a more universal name and logo to ease this transition. It was time for the company to transform into a more united and impactful brand that could serve the rapidly changing world of overseas education.


This shift led to the company reviewing its brand from a holistic perspective with a new name, brand strategy, and visual identity to match.

To cover the increasing breadth and depth of its business initiatives, the new brand name “Intake” was chosen, as the name captures the vital role the company plays in supporting students and institutions on both sides of the academic intake process.

We discovered the Intake team was most passionate when talking about connecting students with the overseas education opportunities that have the greatest potential to impact their future. This was defined as Intake’s core purpose and has expanded to the brand design. We created a flexible visual identity system and voice that reinforce Intake’s student-first spirit with an authentic look and feel. The overall theme of the brand identity is driven by a combination of strong colors, vivid design elements, and an approachable imagery style, allowing Intake to be seen as a professional yet dynamic overseas education advisory service.


The rebrand had an immediate impact among students, employees, and the company’s institution partners, who praised the boldness of the design overhaul and the positive, optimistic message Intake has for the future of overseas education.


Client: Intake – intake.education

Brand Strategists/Designers/Insights/Client Services: DDG – ddg.com.tw/en

Brand Strategist: Mark Stocker
Communications Strategist: Camilla Tenn
Designer: Nathan Wong