Component Rebrand
Country Base: Croatia
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Cloud Communication, Technology, Software, Platform, Customer Service

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Industry Setting

Infobip, a global leader in DCX (digital customer experience) is an omnichannel cloud communications platform that enables businesses to build connected customer experiences across all stages of the customer journey at scale, with easy and contextualized interactions over customers’ preferred channels. Headquartered in the Istrian town of Vodnjan, Infobip has become a global force of connection, with 60 offices and 10 data centers on 6 continents, while connecting over 7 billion people and devices over the last 10 years.


Our key challenge was to differentiate Infobip in a saturated market place, emphasize its global presence and strength as well as refresh and modernize the company’s outdated verbal and visual identity.


We created a powerful brand story that emphasizes Infobip’s strength to unify, through advanced technology, client’s world with the worlds of their customers:

“We don’t believe in borders. We don’t believe in hierarchy. We don’t believe in one-solution fits all. We don’t believe in complex solutions that don’t solve much. We don’t stand for that.

We believe in the power of unifying communication. We believe in connecting the world through powerful, unifying communication. We believe in unboxing the boxed, in unifying the divided, in simplifying the complex, and in providing flexible solutions for seemingly rigid systems.

We go the distance. We outpace the competition in speed, agility, and alertness. We disrupt the industry by creating flexible solutions tailored to the customer and the challenge.

We try harder and take on any challenge, that’s why we are present everywhere in the world. Because of our strong global presence, we are faster than anyone in the industry.

We are fast, flexible and always alert. This is how we think. This is how we work.

Infobip, worlds connected.”

The new slogan “Worlds Connected” highlights their vast global network, as well as their deep knowledge and understanding of local communities in the various countries they operate in.

The logo shows a comprehensive communication platform that manages a wide range of channels that transmit information around the world. The recognizable orange, inherited from their previous identity, with its warm tone additionally enhances the fresh and pulsating impression of the sign.


The new branding was well accepted among the internal and external targets because of the clarity and sense of purpose presented in the verbal and visual identity of the brand. The new verbal and visual identity truly reflected Infobip’s global strength as the company continued its strong growth – they opened 7 new offices across the world and hired more than 500 new employees.


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