Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Japan
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Airport, Airlines, Airplanes, Travel, Operations, Transportation, Hiroshima

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Industry Setting

Hiroshima Airport is a large regional airport in Japan, handling flights to China and other Asian countries as well as a direct service to Tokyo. Pre-pandemic, it saw 3 million passengers a year. The airport is run by Hiroshima International Airport Co., Ltd, a private consortium responsible for auxiliary airport operations and management.


To remain competitive, Hiroshima Airport required a major brand revitalization that would unify the operations of its various management entities, bring employees a greater sense of ownership, and expand the airport’s role from a transportation base into a destination by itself: a welcoming doorway for domestic and international travelers to discover the region’s many charms.


Though its officially designated airport code is “HIJ,” in Japan the airport is known as “HIAP” (derived from Hiroshima International Airport, pronounced as “hi- ap”). We chose the homophone “High Up” as the theme for our creative platform to suggest positivity and upward-looking, uncompromising standards. The inspiration for the new unifying logomark was the beautiful, abundant natural environment surrounding the airport. Our design is based on the horizon of Seto Inland Sea, upon which its characteristic islands float, combining a sense of familiarity with emotional impact.

Additionally, the blue line also represents the airport’s strong will to move straight ahead, toward a shared goal. The design’s color scheme was extended to the whole branding suite.


The launch of the rebranding was a success. It has inspired employees and challenged them to make a tangible commitment to the vitality of their workplace. Hiroshima Airport has become a place where employees understand that their individuality is important to the functioning and growth of the whole.

Similarly, the Airport’s purpose and offerings are more widely understood by the local community, putting the airport on track to achieve sustainable growth and development in the region and beyond.


Client:  Hiroshima International Airport Co., Ltd. – hiap.co.jp

Brand Strategists/Designers: Interbrand Japan – www.interbrand.com

Associate Creative Director, Creative Direction: Yosuke Azuma
Design Director, Art Direction: Naotsugu Nakamura
Senior Designer, Design: Sergi Perez
Senior Designer, Design: Keiko Higashi
Senior Designer, Design: Akiyo Kamimura