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REBRAND Hall of Fame™

for Branding Excellence Worldwide

Finally. Branding Has Its Own Dedicated, Global Hall of Fame. We Believe It’s About Time!
Welcome to the REBRAND Hall of Fame™ — the inaugural celebration of 10+ years of branding excellence worldwide.

Our goal at the outset was simple: acknowledge and publicize multidisciplinary, global experiences that demonstrate brand effectiveness. Beginning with the annual selection of jurors from a diversity of cultures, backgrounds, and experiences, we required submissions to be rigorous stories outlining before and after examples of the experiences and results achieved.

Our winners effectively demonstrated their expertise through comprehensive case studies we present to the public as ongoing displays of the power of effective branding on hearts and minds.

The first phase of our Hall of Fame recognition honors consultants that have received at least 10 awards or the equivalent in the REBRAND 100® Global Awards over the past 10 years. Future phases will include individuals and organizations with widely acclaimed contributions to branding beyond the REBRAND 100 winners.

We pioneered reviewing and publicizing the impactful stories of brand transformations long before any other program. With participation from 51 countries, to date, and over 40 disciplines, the quality, global reach, and respect we have garnered is unmatched. It is an honor to celebrate the individuals and organizations that created these experiences in this inaugural effort.

Equal to the development of these brand transformations, we acknowledge the implementation expertise required to deliver, maintain, and evolve brand assets successfully. We are proud to have London-based VIM Group, the world’s leading brand implementation network, as our principal partner in this inaugural recognition.

Please join us in congratulating the 2015 honorees below by visiting their sites and celebrating their successes!

Anaezi Modu
Founder and CEO

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