Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Australia
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Technology, IT, Information, Computer Hardware and Software, Professional Services

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Industry Setting

Geeks2U is a one-stop-shop for problematic tech in Australian households and businesses. As part of Officeworks, their team is savvy and enthusiastic – ready to find the solutions that help people get the most from their tech. While the on-site expertise they offer is hard to beat, their brand experience was lacking the same flair. We came on board to help transform the Geeks2U brand – with a visual identity refresh, new tone of voice and online user experience upgrade.


Like many successful start-ups, Geeks2U had outgrown its visual identity. The challenge for the new identity was to better express their positioning as Australia’s tech saviors, better capture their “geekiness” and clearly signal the new relationship with Officeworks. To best leverage this, it needed to live coherently alongside Officeworks – in communications and in-store experience – while retaining its individual personality and distinctiveness.


We needed a fresh take on a steady sector. One that combines the retail mindset and consumer design cues of Officeworks’ brand building expertise with a fresh customer-centric voice and a vibrant, dynamic identity that’s consistent, yet flexible.

Our design team created a concept with a central “geeky G” of the logo, which informed all the core elements from icons, illustrations, patterns and devices. The dynamic icon brings the identity out of the analog era and into the modern day. It’s a design system built to live in small formats, above and below the line marketing activity and in digital experiences.


Post brand launch, Geeks2U saw an uplift in brand health, particularly in consideration and familiarity. On the refreshed website, form interactions rose by 83% while bounce rate and average time on page dropped – meaning customers found what they needed, faster. Despite discontinuing Google Ads in 2021, Geeks2U page views remained steady.

In the brand health review post-campaign, Geeks2U found the greater familiarity achieved by the rebrand replaced apathy with positive emotionality, with trust increasing from 52% to 58%, and joy from 46% to 52%.


Client: Geeks2U: geeks2u.com.au

Geeks2U Instagram
Geeks2U Linkedin

Brand Strategists/Designers: Principals – principals.com.au

Group Strategy Director: Tim Riches
Associate Strategy Director: Charlie Rose
Senior Writer: Michael Thebridge
Account Director: Cera O’Grady
Account Manager: Arthur Cortez
Creative Director: Martin Hopkins
Senior Designer: Rhiannon Folpp
Senior Designer: Carolina Relander
Head of Production: David Cunningham
Digital Design Lead: Mark Li
Digital Producer: Blair Patterson