Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Switzerland
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Medicine, Psychotherapy, Clinic, Illustration, Accessible, Hand Drawings

Below: Before and After Images in Slide Show, Summary, Credits

Industry Setting

University Psychiatric Clinics of Basel (UPK Basel) are one of Switzerland’s leading psychiatric institutions. They offer the full range of psychiatric services for both children and adults, and operate a highly specialized forensics unit.


The first challenge is ongoing: the fight for a broader social acceptance of mental illnesses. The second was more specific: communication of UPK Basel needed to shift from an organization perspective to a stakeholder perspective. Which led directly to the third challenge: to adequately appeal to highly differentiated stakeholder groups such as patients, relatives, referring physicians and the scientific community.


With a new approach in both language and visual design, we built bridges from science-based expertise to easy, low-threshold access for all. The logo was subtly redesigned to look less industrial. Layout and typography became clearer and lighter allowing for direct easy-to-understand information as well as more complex scientific contents. The colors are lively, but not aggressive.

The characteristic hand-drawn illustrations play an important role. The reduction to the essentials and the simple stroke create urgency and high recognition. We can hardly escape the immediacy of the graphic statement. And thereby reduce our arms-length perception of psychiatric disorders.

The distinctive writing invites readers to read. The approach is personal and direct. This becomes particularly clear on the website. Structure, messages, interaction and design provide easy access to psychiatric care.


The brand overhaul was a great success for UPK Basel. The increased consistency and the more contemporary look and feel made the organization both more visible and recognizable across the region. The direct and human appeal in combination with calm layout and clear typography helps to reach a broader audience and lends higher credibility to the brand’s promise: Top medicine for the benefit of all.


Client: UPK Basel – www.upk.ch

Brand Strategists/Designers/Insights/Client Services:
Scholtysik & Partner AG – www.scholtysik.ch

Partner: Carsten Scholtysik
Partner: Lukas Staudenmann
Design & Illustration: Zoe Heeb
Design: Sibylle Frutiger
Design: Roland Hess
Project Management: Meret Wagner