Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: USA
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Financial Services, Investments, Donations, Philanthropy, Nonprofits, Charity, Giving, Social Causes, Digital Platform, Naming, Verbal Strategy

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Industry Setting

Charitable giving has been around for a long time but the formula has always been the same; find a cause you care about and give to it. But what if they don’t know any charities to give to?
Uncommon recognized that there was a need to revolutionize the way people give. To make it easier to connect charities with people that have a heart for giving. They created a digital platform where people can easily find causes and confidently give either their time, talent or donate in a safe social space.


How do we get people to care more about giving and generosity? The client knew that people inherently want to give, yet they also understood that either they didn’t know where to donate their time, money and skills, or they didn’t trust that their efforts were going to the right place.


With the need for a high-velocity launch, we defined a holistic core audience with a partner agency: people who love helping others because of the enjoyment they feel in making a positive impact. Analyzing our audience’s habits, goals and the obstacles in their way, we approached the strategy with the goal of shifting perceptions. Through our visual and verbal identity, we set out to change the way people think about and take action with giving, by building a cultural movement.


• Successfully created the visual and verbal identity of the Uncommon brand
• Launched the website in time for their launch
• Helped differentiate their service offerings while still unifying them under one brand
• Rallied the internal team around the new identity, design system and guidelines that generated excitement and enthusiasm.
• “I’m in heaven? Where have you been my whole career as I tried to explain this to people?”—Laura Graham; Chief Marketing Officer


Client: Uncommon – www.uncommon.today

Chief Marketing Officer, Project lead: Laura Graham

Brand Strategists/Designers: Monigle – www.monigle.com

Executive Creative Director: Sean Coleman
Creative Director: Ryan Baluyot
Lead Designer: Victoria Williams
Designer: Samantha Morrell
Verbal Director: Meredith Kamuda
Writer: Alicia Terry
UX/UI Designer: Ryan Casey

Strategy: Mike Maio
Client Experience (CX): Paige Keefe
Design Director: Ju Hyun Lee