Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: USA
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Household Products/Supplies, Retail Stores/Property Developments, Sales and Marketing, Tupperware, Products, Sales, Studios, Women

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Industry Setting

Tupperware isn’t just emblematic of its product category—they created it. For seventy years, Tupperware has done more than just keep food fresh, but the brand was struggling with increased competition and dated perceptions.


Tupperware’s image didn’t reflect their reach or mission. Most people still associated the brand with Tupperware parties rather than global female empowerment. They needed to show they went “beyond the bowl.”


We created a singular expression that would honor Tupperware’s heritage while inspiring them to move forward into a bright new future. The brand signature we created—“Confidence becomes you”—was crucial to the project’s success.

The only thing more fun than Tupperware’s products are the people who sell them. We created a Book of Confidence to inspire, educate and empower Tupperware associates with the updated brand, told through the products they sell and the people who sell them.

We brought the brand to life through a bold new voice, word mark and visual identity elements, which signaled the vibrancy and friendliness of their products and audiences. We infused these across all mediums, from the collateral to Tupperware’s new product studios.


The new Tupperware positively radiates with the confidence they instill in those who sell and buy their products.

“As an iconic brand with a long history and broad name recognition, our hope with [The Agency] was to fully harness the power of our brand on the global stage,” said Tupperware CEO Rick Goings. “Our new look and feel, tone of voice and brand signature, ‘Confidence Becomes You’, celebrate our purpose, who we are – and always have been – inside Tupperware and, importantly, allows us to connect with people in a simple and consistent way.”


Client: Tupperware – www.tupperware.com

Brand Strategists/Designers: FutureBrand – www.futurebrand.com

Executive Director, Consumer Products: Enshalla Anderson
Executive Creative Director: Mark Thwaites
Senior Account Director: Beth Mallow
Associate Director, Verbal Identity: Veronique Bergeron
Writing Director: Patrick Attenasio
Senior Account Director: Beth Mallow
Associate Creative Director: Joo Yeon Chae
Senior Designer: Quae Luong