Country Base: Switzerland
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Wholesale Trade, Delivery, Food, Retail Stores, Packaging
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Industry Setting

Transgourmet is the second largest player in the cash & carry and delivery wholesale trade in Europe. It owns markets and logistic centers in Switzerland, France, Germany, Poland, Romania and Russia. The Transgourmet Group with its headquarters in Basel, Switzerland employs more than 22,600 people and has an annual revenue of 9 billion Euros.


To establish a new umbrella brand which answers growing food demands in Central and Eastern Europe caused by social and demographic changes (higher life span leading to new segments of clients e.g. retirement homes and hospitals and increasing out-of-home consumption).

To develop a rebranding concept which enables country organizations to autonomously implement and buy into.

To tackle a wide range of brand applications, from corporate branding to retail to private label.

To successfully transfer equity of the former singular brands (e.g. existing shops) into the new branded house.

To create a brand architecture which supports growth and allows the integration of further businesses.


To profit by the synergies of the new umbrella brand and to have the country organizations participate in driving the new brand by providing a unique and strong branding concept. This allows easy and cost-effective brand management on a long-term perspective.


Holding on to the number 2 position in Europe and strengthening the market position within a challenging market.

Successfully pursuing the expansion strategy with the launch of new businesses in Eastern Europe in Poland, Romania and Russia.

Gained a high brand recognition and a strong profile for the new brand in a short time.

Established a unique, visual appearance throughout Central and Eastern Europe.

The new brand design works deliberately with simple but effective branding codes: the white/red color schema and the font exclusively developed for Transgourmet unifies all applications and sends clear signals to the market.


Client: Transgourmet Holding –

Brand Strategists/Designers: Facing AG –