Country Base: New Zealand
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Consumer Goods and Services, Fresh Produce, Food, Growers
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Industry Setting

Turners & Growers is New Zealand’s most established and largest fresh produce grower, distributor and exporter. A billion dollar business with a long history in a competitive market, Turners & Growers is now mainly in offshore ownership. The brand needed to make a strong statement of their commitment to their cornerstone stakeholders – the New Zealand produce growers – and also reflect their significance in the global produce market.


A number of different brands make up Turners & Growers and so it needed a new identity system to unify it as a single brand. This new identity had to properly reflect their commitment to New Zealand’s export growth as well as the combined scale and significance of the business. Turners & Growers needed to unify in a way that retained the heritage of the organization in the domestic market – whilst also moving the business forward.


The identity had to be grounded in what Turners & Growers do, but the design needed to be aspirational and appealing to the export market, investors and their internal audience. The name Turners & Growers was scaled back to T&G – the way producers and customers already referred to them.

The emphasis on the ampersand reflects the importance of relationships between growers, customers and staff. The koru gives a nod to T&G’s New Zealand roots, and the green leaf reflects their ambitions for growth in fresh produce. The image style calls to mind the land with black contrasts creating a beautiful, world-class identity.


Reaction to the brand identity has surpassed expectations from the board through to all levels of the organization. The result has been a stronger presence in the domestic and global markets, and an increased sense of pride within the organization.


Client: T+G Global Limited –

Brand Strategists/Designers: Principals –

Director of Strategy: Tessa Shaw
Creative Director: Gideon Keith
Designer: Vicki Kinsey
Design Director: Jodine Bell
Senior Designer: Nikki Blandford
Senior Designer: Kyely Williams
Designer: Geordie Toogood
Junior Designer: Mel Bosma
Senior Account Manager: Tonie Hayward