Country Base: Australia
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Institutions, Nonprofits, Healthcare, Medical Research, Children
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Industry Setting

Formerly known as the Telethon Institute of Child Health Research, it is one of the largest and most successful medical research institutes in Australia making world-leading medical breakthroughs since 1990.

Despite its medical research prowess, the general public didn’t know it existed and it was being overshadowed by its premier sponsor partner ‘Telethon’ – one of the best recognized and championed charities in Western Australia – and part of its name.

The Institute was also competing for funding against high profile medical research organizations in an economy with consumer confidence and business expectations at record lows – with little money to go around.


We needed to:
•   Differentiate the Institute from other organizations competing for funding
•   Raise the Institute’s profile among corporate sponsors and the general public
•   Attract funding for the Institute


The creative process uncovered a key insight. The work the researchers do is vital and makes a real difference to kids lives, but the kids shouldn’t know about it. They should just have fun and be kids.

Firstly, we renamed it the ‘Telethon Kids Institute’. A memorable, playful name that projects the message ‘kids are at the heart’ of everything it does.

We then changed its conservative, corporate logo and color palette to a bold, distinct identity punctuated by vibrant colors and patterns.

The colors represent the outcome of the Institutes work – letting kids be kids and allowing them to live colorful, happy lives – and the patterns represent the myriad research areas within the Institute.


The new name and brand was launched in March 2014 and in six months:
•   Unprompted brand awareness grew 1200%
•   Prompted brand awareness grew 454%
•   Logo recognition grew 2500%
•   70% of people who saw the work viewed TKI as a worthwhile charity

Subsequently, it secured a $20million AUD donation from BHP Billiton ( – the world’s leading diversified resources company). This represented an ROI of 200 within six months.


Client: Telethon Kids Institute –
Director of Communications & Development: Elizabeth Chester

Brand Strategists/Designers: 303MullenLowe Perth –

Head of Planning: Derry Simpson
Creative Director: Lindsay Medalia
Head of Design: Melissa Radman
Designer: Ting Sia
Art Director: Ross Dungey
Business Director:
Donna-Maree Gavin
Mike Naylor