Country Base: China
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Express Delivery Services, Packages, Transportation
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Industry Setting

As of 2014, there were over 8000 express enterprises in China that have together delivered over 14 billion packages. STO express, the first and largest private express enterprise in China, reached business revenue volume of 2.4 billion in 2014. The number of packages the company delivered has reached 30.5 million.

The enterprise hoped to enhance its brand in response to the fierce competition due to globalization and the internet economy.


STO had a 22 year history, and the brand needed to adapt to new market developments in the world, while retaining its distinct strengths and positive traditions. The existing visual system was chaotic, and STO was faced with identification and language challenges, in the international environment. “S”stands for shen (the pronunciation of the first Chinese character of the brand name), “T” stands for tong (the pronunciation of the second Chinese character of the brand name), but “O” cannot be interpreted.


The new identity has inherited elements from the original logo. The capital letters were replaced with lower case letters for a fresher, younger attitude, and to improve legibility and recognition. There is now a new definition of the identity: S stands for sto, which means reaching a place, with direction and motivation.

The image has been simplified with the use of negative space, and a clock outline is used as the main form, which refers to the timely delivery of a package, and is consistent with the design trend of internet and mobile phone icons. Gray and orange are used as the key colors to form a strong contrast, giving it a sense of style and making it a more visually identifiable image. The arc element extends to the top right corner, to suggest speed and direction, while the smooth circulating lines imply the positive attitude of STO.


The updated brand has improved the customer recognition rate and the sense of pride of more than 2 million staffs. The business volume of STO increased by 50% by end of 2014 when compared with that of the same period in other years— an increase far above other domestic express enterprises.


Client: STO Express –

Brand Strategists/Designers: Design Design Group –

Brand Consultant Experts:
Chen Zhengda
Zhou Feng
Han Xu
Team Director: Huang Fei
Zhang Shilong
Zhou Lin
Mao Jiawei
Wu Qian
Guo Wei
Photography: Ceng Qixun