Country Base: Romania
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Institutions, Nonprofits, Committees, International, Athletics, Sports
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Industry Setting

The Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee (COSR) is the nonprofit organization that champions the sports and Olympic ideals in Romania, while also managing the Romanian teams for participation in the Olympic Games.


Just stepping into its second century, with the impetus of a new and visionary management, and with the upcoming Rio 2016 Olympic Games to prepare for, COSR needed a new identity that would help it build stronger connections with its multiple and diverse stakeholders.

The rebranding process had to abide by the strict design rules imposed by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), but also to provide a strong pillar of national branding, and finally to help attract sponsorship for the institution.


The strategic decision was to create a two-fold identity solution.

First, the revitalization of the corporate logo, in accordance with IOC’s design rules. The new, proprietary symbol is a modern rendition which resembles both a flag (with Romania’s national colors) and a sports podium, where gold, silver and bronze medalists are awarded—all within a frame resembling a sports arena. This is to be used on official documents and stationery, on sports equipment, pins and other communication materials.

Secondly, a more exuberant identity concept — Team Romania, devised to express national beauty, joy, pride, playfulness, friendship and the celebratory emotion of victory. This logo consists of a capital “R”, intertwined with the letter “O” created by stylized Romanian traditional stitching symbols in the three national colors, in a visual interpretation of a Romanian folk motif, the “hora” dance. This identity lends itself perfectly both for athletes’ equipment and marketing purposes.


Given the many potential perils of such a rebranding – so close to the heart and pride of many stakeholders – the new identity was remarkably well received.

Furthermore, following the rebranding, COSR was approached by and has signed a major, long-term sponsorship agreement with a prominent Romanian company – Dedeman.



Client: Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee –
President: Alin Petrache

Brand Strategists/Designers: Brandient –

Managing Partner: Aneta Bogdan
Creative Director: Cristian ‘Kit’ Paul
Design Director: Ciprian Badalan
Design Director & Partner: Cristian Petre
Junior Designer: Ciprian Robu