Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Romania
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Institutions, Nonprofits, Football, Sports, Soccer, Athletes, Teams, FIFA, UEFA

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Industry Setting

The Romanian Football Federation (FRF) is the governing body for football in Romania and a full member of both FIFA and UEFA.


In 2018, the new leadership of FRF embarked on the process of strengthening brand management and enhancing the stature of Romanian football – aiming to raise the profile of the popular sport domestically and to improve international performance. In its new vision, FRF desired positioning as a progressive organization that is socially involved and able to enhance society by bringing people together through the phenomenon of football. As such, the new identity had to be strategically aligned to this vision.

Fundamentally, the FRF is a multi-faceted brand that – through one identity – must address different stakeholders. Naturally, FRF is an institutional brand within the domain of sports and services, but their new identity also has to respect an ideological, commercial and corporate angle.


The chosen strategic approach accentuates the FRF’s role as enabler and facilitator, within a transformative context, sustained by the slogan “A team for all teams.” The new logo maintains reference to the prior concept of a football, albeit with a higher degree of subtlety, with the pentagonal shapes of the football remaining as motifs within the new symbol.

Equally, the new logo expands on the national element by taking visual cues from the National Coat of Arms. It incorporates the heraldic eagle whose color palette also maintains a strong commitment to the Romanian tricolor. As such, the new logo fulfills a modern presentation through its minimalism, bold color-blocking, and fonts. The strong geometric shapes, complemented by the strong modern typeface conveys an institutional and well-established organization.


Under the new identity, FRF is connecting better with its various stakeholders – especially to football clubs and supporters. It is also attracting new sponsors and building stronger communities around the game of football.


Client: FRF – Romanian Football Federation – www.frf.ro

CEO: Razvan Burleanu

Brand Strategists/Designers: Brandient – www.brandient.com

Managing Partner: Aneta Bogdan
Creative Director: Cristian ‘Kit’ Paul
Designer: Ciprian Robu