Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: United Arab Emirates
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Industrial, Manufacturing, Ceramics, Tiles, Sanitaryware, Interiors, Design, Architecture, Imagination

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Industry Setting

From a single factory in Ras Al Khaimah, established in 1989, RAK Ceramics has grown to become one of the largest ceramics’ brands in the world. Specializing in ceramic wall and floor tiles, tableware, sanitary-ware and faucets, RAK Ceramics produces 110 million square meters of tiles, 5 million pieces of sanitary-ware, 24 million pieces of porcelain tableware and 1 million pieces of faucets per year at its 20 state-of-the-art plants across the United Arab Emirates, India, Bangladesh and Iran.


RAK Ceramics has come a long way from a single factory in 1989 with its products featuring in some of the most iconic buildings and projects all over the world. RAK Ceramics’ vision is to be the world’s leading ceramics lifestyle solutions provider. The company serves clients in more than 150 countries through its network of operational hubs in Europe, Middle East and North Africa, Asia, North and South America, and Australia. Despite having a strong global presence, RAK Ceramics’ brand was fragmented and disjointed with several different sub-brands in operation around the world. Research showed that its brand did not reflect its achievements. With this fragmented approach not working, it was clear that there was a need to reposition the RAK Ceramics brand.


To help RAK Ceramics with its rebranding project, the company appointed an award-winning brand agency and undertook a 4-stage project over a period of 8 months. During the process, the agency was tasked with undertaking extensive internal and external customer research and analysis. The goal was to help RAK Ceramics better understand its brand strengths and weaknesses, redefining the brand proposition, defining the appropriate marketing model, and refining the global corporate brand identity of RAK Ceramics. Extensive research was carried out with architects, interior designers, contractors, wholesalers/traders and retailers. Among them were individuals who knew the brand and those that didn’t. Internal analysis included employees and existing stakeholders. The findings of this in-depth internal and external analysis informed the decision-making process towards the solution.


RAK Ceramics’ influencers had been identified as architects, outfitters, consultants, installers, tilers and interior designers so its new strategy needed to appeal to these influencers in order to create the required market pull. RAK Ceramics’ new customer proposition ‘Room for Imagination’ is designed to support this strategy: “Your only limit is not your imagination but the tools, materials and surfaces at your disposal. We aim to remove those limitations by giving you the broadest range of tiles and ceramics products.” – RAK Ceramics gives people ‘Room for Imagination.’ Distilled down into a central idea, the company has repositioned as ‘Ceramic Experts.’ By developing its new global corporate brand, RAK Ceramics has created a unified experience for its customers, partners and employees in all the regions in which it operates.


Client / Brand Strategists/Designers: Rak Ceramics – www.rakceramics.com
Head of Corporate Communications: Steven Allen
VP Marketing and Communications: Andrea Mensitieri