Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: USA
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Technology/Computer Hardware and Software, Radial, Logistics, Technology, eBay Enterprise

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Industry Setting

Radial is a leader in omnichannel commerce technology and operations. With its work it enables brands and retailers to profitably exceed retail customer expectations. Radial’s technical, powerful omnichannel solutions connect supply and demand through efficient fulfillment and transportation options, intelligent fraud, payments, and tax systems and personalized customer care services.


When eBay Enterprise was spun off from eBay, eBay Enterprise emerged as an unknown brand holding the name recognition of its predecessor, but with no clear story of their own.

After being renamed to Radial, the resultant company needed to extricate itself from a history of spinoff activity that was obfuscating both identity and brand potential, communicate its renewed commitment to customer satisfaction and differentiate its offering from other existing logistics firms.


We embarked on a branding engagement that spanned research, positioning, messaging, visual identity, digital and social strategy, collateral and experience design, and employee engagement that would help Radial stand apart from the competition. Our team developed a new brand platform that would ensure Radial would be able to grow their business at scale, but ensure customer satisfaction every step of the way. This customer-first positioning was complemented with the development of powerful, bright and friendly brand personality and messaging that tells a story of customer satisfaction, and manifests in the company’s new tagline: Be commerce confident.


In 2016, Radial fulfilled over 306 million units for its retail customers across 24 fulfillment centers. Radial is largely ahead of its peers in terms of scale, geographic coverage and breadth of services. In addition to gaining an important foothold in the US, this acquisition brings a distinctive set of expertise and capabilities from the advanced e-commerce market.

Radial has done so well that bpost announced it will acquire 100% of the shares of Radial for an Enterprise Value of $820 million.


Client: Radial – www.radial.com
Creative Director: Brad Dorfman

Brand Strategists/Designers: Siegel+Gale – www.siegelgale.com

Executive Creative Director: Anne Swan
Associate Creative Director: Krista Oraa