Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Taiwan
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Agriculture, Gardening, Food, Chicken, Soup, Health, Wellness, Luxury, Nutrition

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Industry Setting

Chicken Essence is a very popular food of highly nutritious value in Taiwan and East and Southeast Asia. Generally, the source of chicken essence comes from factory-farmed chickens within two-month feeding. The brand “Foolish Chicken” adopting organic-farmed chickens with eight-month feeding was created in 2010 to fulfill the demand from people with high disposable income.


Foolish Chicken considered itself a luxury brand, but it was difficult to recruit young talents due to the nature of agriculture. Besides, the original brand image was strongly connected with small and local farming, and the brand name “Foolish Chicken” delivered a negative association proved by a consumer survey, which was not good for overseas market expansion.


Strategy workshop was conducted to define a more high-priced, international, and cultivated brand image. The brand name “Foolish Chicken” was changed to “primona”, meaning superior and noble, and its unique patented package of “round-shaped chicken essence” as the inspiration for its new brand identity design concept, matching with simple and elegant lines to embody the preciousness of the brand. Using the dark cyan and golden colors as the base for the brand identity, the distinguished and exquisite image for primona is perfectly presented.


After rebranding, the number of job applicants increased 11 times. Employee engagement increased and customer loyalty lifted. Primona was not only invited into BELLAVITA, the most luxurious department stores in Taiwan, but also attracted overseas traders from Japan, Thailand, Singapore, etc., expecting to enter respective markets in the near future.


Client: Primona Ltd. – www.primona.com

Chairman: Chingkuo Huang
Brand Director: Yungchun Huang
Project Manager: Maoxin Sun

Brand Strategists/Designers: Process Ltd. Taipei – www.process-group.com

Design Director: Xinhong Yeh
Consulting Director: Jules Li
Brand Designer: Eting Liao
Motion Designer: Estela Lin
Brand Consultant: Kaiching Liu
Account Manager: Angel Yang

Interior Designers: dotdot design – www.dotodot-studio.com

Interior Design Director: Minchin Hsu
Interior Designer: Hsiaochieh Chou