Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: China
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Consumer Goods and Services, Pets, Pet Brand Systems, Animals, Health, Wellness

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Industry Setting

With the growth of the social economy, China’s pet industry is becoming more prominent after 25 years of small-scale decentralized development. The current consumption scale has exceeded 122 billion. The market, with rapid brand iteration and lack of professional, strong national brands, is still in the initial stage of development. The emergence of Pet’em results from the establishment of industry standards.


China’s pet service industry mostly exists in the form of neighborhood stores, with numerous small shops and disorderly designs. Only few brands have real influence. How to solve the difficulty of establishing a brand visual system, given the existence of offline shops? This has been a common problem in the industry. In addition, animal images often appear in brand logos. How can signs with animal images affect the value of communicating with consumers? These questions became the central issues of this project. Can brand design become a bridge between brand and market for sensitive pet consumers and practitioners? This is an additional concern of this client.


The essential services and products for pets is now provided to the public. Making the brand vision come alive with stories was the beginning of our strategy. Combining the new English name of the brand — “pet’ed” (which means touching your pet), we designed the brand logo as a reversible pet image, representing cats and dogs. As if pets had just taken a bath and rolled over happily, turning the logo itself into a warming IP image, and transforming expressions and actions from the logo graphics, which extends to a whole set of heart-warming graphical elements in a system with vitality.


The new image of Pet’em was released around the same time as the brand series [we] designed. It not only gained more than expected customer favor, it was actively shared and forwarded by KOL through advertising and design channels and on social media. The number of transactions on the Internet has increased dramatically. The design initiated feelings of surprise and it has directly driven the growth of brand sales. The relationship between the the brand and users has changed. The passive brand user acceptance has been transformed into active recognition and discovery of brand fun, helping the brand achieve effective and emotionally engaging user experience.


Client: Pet’em – www.petem.com.cn

CMO: Li Yi Bai

Brand Strategists/Designers: G.D. Partner Brand – www.gdp-partner.com

Owner, Director: Zhu Xiao Hai
Graphic Designer: Xu Gang
Graphic Designer: Wu Da
Graphic Designer: Ni Wei
Graphic Designer: Zeng Fan Yu