Country Base: Australia
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Land and Property Development, Management, Real Estate
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Industry Setting

Oliver Hume is a 60-year-old property business company. They are a hungry market challenger in a competitive sector with high profile global players. Getting noticed and expanding against such competition is no mean feat. But that’s what they have done. By 2013, they were a major player in all aspects of land and property development and marketing; still a challenger but a very significant challenger.


Their profile did not match their role within the market. And their distinctive culture was not reflected in the way they presented themselves. They used the language of the sector i.e. images of assets. Most importantly their personality (ambitious, determined) did not shine through in their communications.


Their ambition and drive was not in question. They wanted to be seen as a next generation property services and fund management business – one that continued to challenge the incumbent major players on the basis of their market acumen and exceptional service. There was nothing ‘me too’ about Oliver Hume. We based the new Oliver Hume brand strategy on the brand idea ‘restless achievers’ which summed up their attitude and their drive, their culture and the people who did well at Oliver Hume. It also summed up their challenger mentality.


We created a new brand identity for Oliver Hume, based on a simple OH logo and graphic device, and a monolithic approach to their business units that positions Oliver Hume as a unified business. The brand uses a simple black and white core palette with abstract photography that reflects Oliver Hume’s restless achiever mentality.

Its premium style and imagery communicates Oliver Hume’s refreshing style and distances them from competitors. Oliver Hume is on the map as a destination brand for innovative solutions in property development and as a place for ambitious property players.


Client: Oliver Hume –

Brand Strategists/Designers: Principals –
Director: Sandy Belford
Executive Creative Director: Simon Wright
Creative Director: Martin Hopkins
Group Account Director: Melissa Dale
Account Director: Aimee Crowley
Account Manager: Emily Han

Director of Brand Language: Hamish Cargill