Brand Extension
Country Base: Brazil
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Communications, Events, Entertainment, Leisure, Media, Information Services, Telecommunications, Television, TV Channel, Communication Group, Digital

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Industry Setting

RBS group, with more than 50 years of experience in the telecommunication market and a strong legacy of excellence, sold its operations in the state of Santa Catarina in Brazil. The acquiring shareholders were new to the state and to the communications industry. The new brand should convey their ties to local communities and their commitment to keep providing high quality content that would make them better informed.


Santa Catarina’s largest communications group was born with the challenge of informing, moving and connecting the 4 corners of the state, which is known as a unique region in Brazil: it holds the highest economic and social indicators, a key role in the country’s economy, several international brands, and is a reference in technology, education, sustainability and quality of life. But it doesn’t have a unique personality that could be translated into a single identity.


More than the brand of a communications group, the identity of an entire state.

The new brand’s purpose is “To produce content that creates value to the people of Santa Catarina,” and it reflects the company’s personality: reliable, energetic and engaging. The name (NSC Comunicação), chosen by popular vote, is an abbreviation for “Nossa (our) Santa Catarina” and reinforces the company’s strong ties with the local community. The identity is colorful and dynamic – for a media group, it’s all about the screen: we see news and entertainment through them, either on TV or on mobile devices. The shape has different applications to reflect the multiple types of “content” the group delivers in its various platforms.


NSC is a brand born with the commitment to provide voice and visibility for the people of Santa Catarina. The new brand was welcomed in a high status launch event, that served as a milestone for this new moment, being celebrated, well received and spread throughout NSC’s audiences.


Client: NSC Comunicação –
Brand and Communication Coordinator: Romi Liz

Brand Strategists/Designers: Interbrand –

Managing Director: Daniella Bianchi
Managing Director: Beto Almeida
Business Development Director, Strategy Consultant: Andrea Janér
Strategy Consultant: Cristiane Benneton

Creative Director, Head of Verbal Identity: Felipe Valério
Creative Director, Head of Visual Identity: Sergio Cury
Verbal Identity Analyst: Pedro Kastelic

Verbal Identity Analyst: Luisa Borges
Senior Designer: Lucas Machado
Designer: Erick Fugii
Designer: Caio Reis
Designer: Lucas Mayer
Designer: Monise Takazaki