Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Denmark
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Construction, Property Development, Brand Strategy, Visual identity, Print, Digital, Wayfinding, Outdoor, Real Estate, Residences, Apartments, Design, Architecture, Buildings, Builders, Engineering

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Industry Setting

MT Højgaard is one of the leading construction companies in the Nordic countries. Despite this, the company’s perception was suffering. To turn things around, a new business strategy was implemented. It was time to lead a transformation in the industry advocating for a more effective and sustainable building process. It was time to break boundaries.


The vision is to be the most productivity enhancing company in the building industry. With MT Højgaard’s unique digital design tool (VDC) at the core, the company wants to challenge traditional tender processes and invite clients and partners to early collaboration where building virtually before building in reality guarantees the best results. To make this a reality, the company needed a proud and convincing story to engage clients and unify employees across the business.


Through market research and insights into client challenges, needs and aspirations, we defined the value proposition – how MT Højgaard’s heritage, expertise and advanced technology, combined with its mindset and working principles, result in more intelligent solutions for clients, for MT Højgaard and for society. The definition of a higher belief led to a strong promise and the foundation for the brand story.


Combining the concrete element of the business with the company’s visionary approach, the brand promise is “creating new horizons”. MT Højgaard builds new horizons physically and expands horizons mentally by insisting on smarter ways to build. Everyone knew what they do and how they do it, now they also know why they do it. We helped the entrepreneur define a differentiating positioning and created a positive and enticing language and visual universe to communicate how advanced technology, early collaboration and a good portion of courage and enthusiasm lead to new horizons.


Client: MT Højgaard – www.mth.com
Brand and Design Director, Project Owner: Henrik Hommelgaard

Brand Strategists/Designers: Make® – www.make.dk

Strategic Director & Partner, Brand Strategist: Morten Brudholm
Creative Director & Partner, Art Director: Kristoffer Gudbrand
Designer, Visual Identity Designer: Marton Borzak
Digital Creative Director, Digital Designer: Jesper Bentzen
Designer, Print Designer: Hans Chan
Digital Consultant, UX designer: Trine Juel Kristensen
Communication Consultant, Project Manager: Ina Augustin
Project Manager, Project Manager: Sara Juel Jessen