Country Base: USA
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Food, Health, Nutrition, Wellness, Retail Stores, New York City
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Industry Setting

Mrs. Green’s, one of the original natural foods markets, is passionate about health and sustainability. With only 18 stores in North America, Mrs. Green’s has carefully expanded from its original suburban New York State location in an effort to maintain their neighborhood feel, personalized service, and support for local farmers. Their decision to open a store in the heart of New York City, a place like no other, would require a very different approach.


What does it take to get a jaded New Yorker’s attention? How do you cut through the barrage of noise and outrageous stunts that New Yorkers are so accomplished at ignoring? Even more challenging, this store was opening in the West Village, a bustling neighborhood filled with trendy restaurants and stylish art galleries. It’s one thing to say you’re a local, neighborhood store with a personal approach. It’s another thing to actually show it.


Our strategy was to prove we are part of the community by mirroring the fashionable, artistic sensibility of the West Village, together with a New York attitude.

With an irreverent tone, our “There grows the neighborhood” campaign was brought to life by vegetable characters made up of organic produce, or “Vegetars”.

We held a free launch party with live music, drinks, and ‘swag’ bags, an ode to the neighborhood’s infamous fashion week parties and art gallery openings. A sidewalk chalk drawing invited interaction and depicted the ‘roots’ Mrs. Green’s planted in the neighborhood, illustrating that Mrs. Green’s and the community can grow healthier together.


Local artists saw the chalk art as a gift to the community, inspiring a collaborative art exhibit and walking tour. Famed newspaper ‘The Village Voice’ took note of this unorthodox opening. The launch was so successful that Mrs. Green’s plans to replicate this approach for all future store openings.


Client: Mrs. Green’s –
Natural Markets Food Group –
Brand Manager: Susan Wolfe

Brand Strategists/Designers: Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness –

Brand Strategy:
Kristin Volk
Morgan Harris-Warrick
Jennifer Sittig
Christopher Rizzo

Creative Direction:
Kathy Delaney
Scott Carlton
Carolyn Gargano
Bob Buzas
Beth Mart

David Lavietes
Janet Segal

Art Buying: Ali Curtis

Illustrator: Hani Shihada