Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: USA
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Technology/Computer Hardware and Software, Cyber Security, Security, Technology, Safety, Internet

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Industry Setting

McAfee is one of the largest cybersecurity companies in the industry. In 2010 it was acquired by Intel and the name was changed to Intel Security. By 2016, Intel decided to divest itself from McAfee which triggered a rebrand – and an opportunity to reintroduce and reposition the brand with the enterprise and consumer markets.


Although the company was one of the first in the cybersecurity industry, the market was confused by the name change while part of Intel. After reviewing data indicating the McAfee brand name and shield logo still resonated with consumers, management opted to return to the McAfee name rather than investing in a new name. They decided to invest in modernizing the shield to communicate that this was a new McAfee.


The new McAfee is driven by the belief that only when people, technology and organizations work together we can address the biggest challenge of the digital age – cybercrime. For this reason we introduced a new logo featuring two separate parts that “come together” to form a shield, and we also developed the tagline “Together is power”.


The first week of the new McAfee launch, the company received global media attention from top business, trade and channel outlets, garnering a total of 435 pieces of global coverage – more than double the projected goals! It continues to leverage the brand to differentiate itself from its competitors and win customers. Today it protects over 350 Million people worldwide as well as 82% of the world’s largest banks.


Client: McAfee – www.mcafee.com

CEO: Chris Young

At the highest strategy and design levels, Solid worked collaboratively with McAfee’s marketing executives, including McAfee’s CMO, Allison Cerra, and McAfee’s Director of Brand, Pam Van Orden.

Brand Strategists/Designers: Solid Branding – www.solidbranding.com

Executive Creative Direction: Alfredo Muccino
Project Management: Matt Olivotti
Creative Direction: Lawrence Orleck / Jose Covarrubias
Web Design: Steve Ohanians
Art Direction: Zoë Phillips
Design: Robert Wong / Jameson Spence / Jeff Gardner
Video: Danny Rubyono
Copywriting: Arun Namali

In terms of design execution, members of McAfee’s Brand Team who participated on this work included, Wilkin Ho (Senior Art Director), Melanie De Beer (Brand Designer), Ryan Burrows (Brand Designer).