Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Switzerland
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Consumer Goods and Services, Food, Hospitality, Hotels, Restaurants and Fast Food, Rebranding, Corporate Design

Below: Before and After Images in Slide Show, Summary, Credits

Industry Setting

Marché International is a global company that develops innovative foodservice solutions characterized by absolute freshness and quality. Through the wellknown brand names Marché Mövenpick, Palavrion Grill, Mövenpick Restaurants, White Monkey and Cindy’s Diner, the group operates restaurant businesses in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Norway, Hungary, Croatia, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Canada and employs around 2,800 members of staff. The foodservice company is a leading restaurant.


The company is to be staged with a modern image, both as a parent company as well as an innovative force behind a diverse range of brands/concepts, while still preserving its ties to the company history.
The goals were not only to use the company’s strategic guidelines to design the basic elements of the corporate design but also for deriving the main thrusts of a new claim as well as the core messages for its communications.


Displaying the company’s name in abbreviated form in the Marché International word mark enables the company to adequately address its relevant markets and target groups while also making this word mark suitable as an anchor for the company’s highly diverse portfolio.
The word mark and its abbreviated form, both featuring a colored accent, infuse the company’s cultural heritage into the new brand identity. The color green is a defining constant in both.
As a claim, “The food lovers’ company” expresses the company’s positioning in a nutshell.
This endorsement is suitable for use as a tag line in communications from the company’s individual brands. To prevent competition with the individual brand identities, its visual appearance has been kept low-key.


As a catering company, Marché International has evolved from being a marketplace pioneer operating under the Marché brand to an innovative, multi-concept operator with global operations. The new brand identity reflects this development.


Client: Marché International – www.marche-int.com
CMO, Client Project Team: Carolin Versteeg
CEO, Client Project Team: Oliver Altherr

Brand Strategists/Designers: Facing AG – www.facing.ch

Illustrations Concept, Digital User Experience and Web Design: Silke Heinzelmann – www.silkeheinzelmann.ch
Text/Concept: Andi Portmann