Brand Extension
Country Base: Canada
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Consumer Goods and Services, Greeting Cards, Card, Gift, Letter, Envelope, Product
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Industry Setting

The greeting card category in North America is dominated by uninspiring physical cards and gimmicky impersonal online options. With these limited choices, most cards end up in the trash.


With an audience identified as the Alternative Seeker – a largely female group who love greetings cards, Entrepreneur Bryan Kinney had launched a new offering in the category that combined a mailable card and gift. Given consumer misunderstanding around the product, our challenge was to redesign the entire line to more clearly represent a greeting card – while ensuring it was sustainable, and still durable and small enough to be mailed.


Inspired by keep-sakes and inexpensive reusable containers, the Tin Card was born. Light and durable enough to go through the mail, and emulating the size and shape of a traditional card, the comprehension of the product was improved. The name The Little Tin Card Company and the stamp logo further enhanced this. Contemporary illustrations cover the tins that bring to life their content and increase the chances of them being held on to.


The brand and product range was successfully launched at the 2018 Toronto Gift Fair and received orders from regional and national stores. It’s now available in retail stores across Canada and into the US, and is expanding into the corporate gift market soon.


Client: Gift A Green & Little Tin Card Company –

Founder: Bryan Kinney

Brand Strategists/Designers: Twice –

VP Brand Strategy, Strategy Lead: Rob Newell
Creative Director, Creative Lead: James Bateman
Senior Designer, Creative Designer: Lisa Ma,
Project Manager, Project Management: Chloe Hoppie
Account Director, Client Account Lead: Roger Nairn
Production Artist, Studio Designer: Laurel Miller
Interactive Designer, Design: Anjuli Macasinag

Illustrator: Jackson Alves –

Illustrator: Tom Froese –

Illustrator: Annie Wilkinson –

Photography: Clinton Hussey –