Country Base: Australia
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Nonprofits, Government, Disability, Aged Care, Refugee Asylum
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Industry Setting/Challenge

Life Without Barriers provides a range of services to government including disability, out-of-home care, aged care, mental health and support for refugee and asylum seekers. They are one of the most respected players in the field. They face competition from global players targeting the domain of nonprofits. And the Australian government now allows recipients of care a choice in their provider. This prompted them to re-evaluate their market position and brand strategy.


Life Without Barriers has been around since 1988. Their identity was ‘soft and friendly’, but in no way spoke to the passion that underpinned their business. And it made them look like many other players in the sector. They struggled to clarify what they stood for and what made them different.


Their name says it all. They are passionate people who do a tough job because they believe it’s important to do so. Our research with senior management and external stakeholders led us to a compelling idea; ‘championing opportunity for all’. That’s why they have always existed. It speaks to their philosophy and to the outcomes they aim to deliver for their clients in all sectors.


Their new brand is a major departure from the ‘warm and friendly’ conventions of the sector. The new logo, (We live) Life Without Barriers, is both a statement of intent and of belief. It’s supported by an imagery style that uses locally sourced imagery (important for a nonprofit) but treats photographs in a way that makes them stand out. Bold uncompromising color adds to the impact of the new branding. The result takes them from being a shy ‘one of many’ provider, to a confident player with a striking brand identity that completely matches their strategy, their beliefs and their vision.


Client: Life Without Barriers –

Brand Strategists/Designers: Principals –

Director: Sandy Belford
Strategy Consultant: Ed Elias
Account Director: Tui Horo
Senior Account Manager: Tonie Hayward
Account Manager: Helen Spoor
Executive Creative Director: Simon Wright
Creative Director: Darren Swain
Artworker: Darlene Ward
Junior Designer: Mel Bosma