Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: China
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, BioPharm, Medicine, Health

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Industry Setting

Kexing BioPharm is the first Chinese modern biopharmaceutical company founded in 1989. It innovated several medicines for chronic diseases, which became popular across the country.However, although biophamaceutical industry is booming in China, Kexing has not developed any new drugs since its original R&D team left in 2000.


There is an urgent need to identify a core articulating a set of shared values and align people on key business goals., since staff feel adrift that their daily work is selling old products. Our task is to invigorate company culture from within.


Based on the rebranding strategy, we have launched a new logo and a corporate visual identity.
● New Brand essence
We distill the essence of Kexing into “craftsman’s spirit” and “people-centric innovation”: though they haven’t invented new drugs for years, Kexing people continue with micro-innovation for better medical results and user experience. Their drugs remain the best among peers. They also maintained safe manufacturing for 30 years, which is rare in Chinese biophama industry. We pared brand essence to simple phrase, “precise products, predicable effects”.

● New Logo: Why A Gecko?
The defining character of biopharmaceutical is to revive immune system, and to tap into the self-repairing potential of the body. A gecko is an analogy, as its lost tail can grow back, and its agility is a metaphor for accurate insight and quick response to patients’ needs.


A Shift Inside——New brand steers business strategy from sales-oriented to R&D based. In the past, Kexing sold products through agents. Rarely did they have direct contact with patients. Now all departments understand biopharma mechanism better and realize their job is not just sales, but to activate chronic patients’ potential and help them regain health.

New brand energizes the team. Employees are proud of how executives take the brave step to change. Some voluntarily set the new logo as social media profile photos.


Client: Kexing BioPharm – www.sdkexing.com

Brand Manager: Feng Zhao

Brand Strategists/Designers: MetaThink Consulting – www.themetathink.com

Creative Director: Hongbin Yang
Brand Consultant: Fangshu Du
Strategy Director: Yilu Zhong
Project Manager: Wen Wen
Designer: Fan Ji
Brand Consultant: Weiqiang Shi
Managing Director: Wen Zhou
Design Director: Shuai Wang