Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Australia
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Business/Professional Services, Events/Entertainment/Leisure, Technology/Computer Hardware and Software, Lottery, Lotteries, Gaming, Digital, Jumbo

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Industry Setting

Founded in 1995, Jumbo Interactive is Australia’s leading online lottery ticket retailer – meaning that it’s licensed to sell tickets for the likes of Tatts. Led by the entrepreneurial vision and action of founder and ongoing CEO, Mike Veverka, this Brisbane-based business success story has also recently launched in the highly competitive and lucrative German lottery market, and has plans to do likewise in other markets around the globe.


Recognizing the importance of having a future-focused and effective brand in place to continue onwards and upwards, the team at Jumbo Interactive engaged us to refresh their brand by giving it a compelling story, engaging identity and insightful definition platform to inspire future growth, customer loyalty and heightened employee advocacy.


In a global category largely typified by loud, shouty language and cliché imagery of tropical islands, shiny fast cars and beautiful people alighting private jets, we identified an opportunity to stand out from the lottery crowd by creating a more personable, sophisticated and fun-filled brand.

Following exhaustive desk research, numerous stakeholder and employee interviews, social media listening and a series of co-creation sessions with the guys at Jumbo Interactive, we defined the brand and identified “Imagine More” as the brand idea that was both authentic to the company’s innovation-fuelled DNA and could help guide its future orientation, expression and customer experiences.
Shortening the name to simply ‘Jumbo’ we used this simple, evocative word as inspiration and decided to use an elephant to embody the idea of ‘big’: big excitement, dreams, jackpots and, of course, the promise.


The new Jumbo brand has made a simple but powerful impact.

“We found [The Agency] to be unique in that they understood our business and where we wanted to take it, using our brand as a platform better then anyone we’ve ever encountered. The entire process has been empowering through all levels of the organization – just as strong as the external visual cues that Joe [new brand mascot] has given us has been the Brand Plus which has proven time and time again to be an invaluable tool in deciding which direction to take things. Without a doubt, we’re very happy with [The Agency] and their impact on our organization.”

– Brad Board, COO, Jumbo


Client: Jumbo Interactive – www.jumbointeractive.com
COO: Brad Board

Brand Strategists/Designers: FutureBrand – www.futurebrand.com

Chief Executive Officer, Asia Pacific: Richard Curtis
Executive Director Strategy Harley Augustine
Creative Director: Christopher Doyle
Design Director/Creative Director: Josh McGregor
Account Director: Tanya Sulewski