Country Base: UK
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Automobile, Cars, Trucks, SUV, Transportation, Premium, Luxury
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Industry Setting

In an industry that is increasingly competitive, with new entrants on a frequent basis, it was imperative for Land Rover to stand out as the genuine article. It is well known that the SUV sector has grown substantially in recent years. This surge in interest has been seen as a major opportunity by brands, even though their legacy, credentials and experience is somewhat shallower than Land Rover’s.


In this increasingly competitive marketplace, it was our brief to help put Land Rover back on the map as ‘the world’s premium SUV brand of choice’.


The process started by looking at the visual identity and its application. The method was a subtle but powerful change. We gave a logo, once used almost apologetically, newfound simplicity, confidence, and clarity of position at the head of a premium family. We endowed the brand with the same craftsmanship of its products, from the custom typeface we created, to the quality materials it’s printed on. And with a marriage of dynamism and heritage, we turned Land Rover into a true flag carrier for contemporary British premium globally.


The feedback from internal stakeholders, other agencies and all that touch the Land Rover brand has been extremely positive. The overarching consensus has been that the new visual identity system has enabled a consistent application across all communications, without compromising on a premium look and feel.

Recent advertising campaigns, marketing communications and online activations have all implemented the recent visual identity with significant success. Positive feedback has been received through all channels, from dealers on the ground to the CEO himself.


Client: Jaguar Land Rover –

Brand Strategists/Designers: Brand Union –

Executive Creative Designer: Clare Styles
Client Services Director: Christina Futcher
Head of Strategy: Laura Tan
Account Director: Ben Beardmore
Design Director: Hayley Kitson
Senior Designer: Simon Smith