Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Romania
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Construction/Property Development, Real Estate, Mixed-Use Projects, Timisoara

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Industry Setting

Romania has started to matter on the European business map mostly due to it’s high resource of well qualified IT workers. Large international consorts moved IT and outsourcing offices to Romania. This created the need for Class A office spaces and shopping venues where the employees would spend time and shop. IULIUS has been the first real-estate developer in Romania to integrate office, park and shopping into the first mixed-use project – PALAS IASI.


Openville had been the name used by IULIUS to advertise the largest mixed-use development in Timisoara, the largest city in Western Romania. As the inauguration drew near, research was showing that people would still refer to the project as Iulius. The need for a permanent name became critical.

The project needed a name and a visual identity that resonated with the audiences and manages to embody the attachment to the IULIUS brand by Timisioara’s citizens.
This complex process included – at its core – a redefinition of the brand portfolio architecture for the entire group, not just a redraw of a logo.


At its core, the project had an important strategic component – the redefinition of the brand portfolio for the entire IULIUS group. We re-assessed the entire brand portfolio, from a functional point of view, trying to understand current interactions but keeping in mind future development plans.

We designed a solution that captures the spirit of the project and its place in the city. The metaphor of the laurel wreath was not only the natural choice but also extremely powerful in its simplicity.
“Your Town” is a twofold brand promise – it talks about the pride of a hard-working community and the concept of the entire endeavor, to create „a city within a city”.


The results were as beautiful as they were functional. Now Timisoara has a location that unites the community and brings a sense of local pride. At the same time, it’s a place of mixed functionalities.
IULIUS Town is now the vibrant heart of the city, a location for everyone and a staple of Timisoara’s future-driven development strategy.


Client: Iulius – www.iuliustown.ro

CEO: Iulian Dascalu
Head of Marketing: Ovidiu Galan

Brand Strategists/Designers: innerpride – www.inner-pride.com

Creative Director: Viorel Nedelcu