Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Italy
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Government/State Agencies/NGOs, Naming, Children, Worldwide, Non-Profit, Repositioning

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Industry Setting

CCS is an NGO based in Genova (Italy) operating worldwide to assist populations in difficulty. They are especially focused on creating and setting up programs aimed at granting children a future within their original communities.
A crowded market such as that of NGOs prompted CCS to launch a rebranding project to make them more capable of reaching their stakeholders and to inform them of their progress with international initiatives.


NGOs tend to play their communication on an emotional or institutional level. CCS wanted to put both levels together to demonstrate that organization, planning and international relationships should always go along with emotions when human beings are concerned, especially when children’s future is in danger. Promoting the evolution of CSS into a brand perceived as capable of making the difference for many communities in troubled areas of the world and showing the results of their interventions was the leading guide of the rebranding project. In a world where communication is essential, especially when raising funds is part of the success of an NGO, giving CCS a new brand identity was the right thing to do.


CCS’s target is the NGO main stakeholders in Italy and abroad – institutions, citizens, organizations – wanting to be informed about the programs and progress of CCS and to feel involved in them. The first step was the creation of a new name that sounds like a call to action “Helpcode” and a payoff “The Right to Be Children” declaring the NGO effort to keep kids in their communities by granting them nourishment, education and acceptable hygienic conditions. The new name became a warm and positive logotype, where the smile hints at the tangible results of Helpcode’s operations. The second step was the development of Helpcode’s brand identity: a world of signs and colors playing in vibrant shades, playful icons, and images that, far from raising compassion, suggest the success of Helpcode’s activities.


Passion and empathy together with a great sense of positivity and energy are the distinctive traits of the Helpcode brand identity. The visual language is effective  in online and offline communication, making Helpcode standing out from the crowd and helping them raise funds that grant children a future in their communities.


Client: Helpcode – www.helpcode.org

President: Giorgio Zagami
General Secretary: Alessandro Grassini
Communication and Fundraising Manager: Erica Pedone
Communication and Press Office Manager: Andrea Ghianda

Brand Strategists/Designers: FutureBrand – www.futurebrand.com

Executive Creative Director: Gianni Tozzi
Creative Director: Stefano Rivolta
Senior Designer: Elena Mosca
Strategist: Aysegul Donmez
Associate Account Director: Paola Fabrizio