Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Denmark
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Industrial/Manufacturing, Brand strategy, Visual identity, Print, Digital, Illustration, Environment

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Industry Setting

GLPS specializes in lightning protection for the wind, aerospace, and construction industries. The company enjoys a strong international market position with few competitors. A growing demand for improved performance brings opportunities for growth. However, to retain and grow its position, GLPS needed to strengthen its communications and visual platform.


Convincing clients of the importance of investing in lightning protection is challenging. Customers are often change-averse, happy in the hope that lightning may not strike, and unmindful of the devastating consequences. It’s a hard sell, and communication easily becomes negative and preachy, making GLPS a difficult choice. A different mindset was needed.


We worked closely with GLPS, undertaking market research and customer analysis and exploring challenges, strengths, and opportunities. We clarified the points of difference and defined a higher belief, which gave direction to an empowering promise and a persuasive story. Helping GLPS take the lead, motivate minds, stretch limits, and provide certainty, we guided them from the vision of being the globally preferred supplier to an authentic brand framework created to help bring it to reality.


“We believe that hope is not a strategy.” With this belief, we gave GLPS a completely different outset for their communication, one which assigns responsibility to the client. A promise of “empowering you to take charge” assures them of GLPS’s ability to help them take control. The brand idea, “Strikingly powerful,” reflects the power and risk of lightning strikes and GLPS’s intelligent engineering and effective solutions. This gave direction to the visual expression, designed to display the transformation from lightning chaos to controlled risk prevention. Going from hard sell to empowering and from difficult choice to obvious answer, GLPS now has the strength and confidence to take a stand, change mindsets and seize opportunities.


Client: GLPS – www.global-lightning.com
CEO, Project Owner: Kim Bertelsen

Brand Strategists/Designers: Make® – www.make.dk

Strategic Director & Partner, Brand Strategist: Morten Brudholm
Creative Director & Partner, Art Director: Kristoffer Gudbrand
Designer, Visual Identity Designer: Mike Collinge
Designer, Digital Designer: Julian Hansen
Designer, Print Designer: Cyprien Poncet
Project Manager, Project Manager: Sara Juel Jessen