Country Base: Australia
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Healthcare, Radiology, Medical Technology, Bio Imaging
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Industry Setting

Everlight Radiology (formerly Imaging Partners Online – IPO) is leading Australia in the practice of teleradiology. They offer 24/7 radiology reporting by using trained UK and Australian radiologists to provide accurate analysis overnight. IPO had a bold vision for the future, but their name and brand identity did not reflect this ambition or support their leadership positioning. We were engaged to create a new brand strategy, name and visual identity.


The name Imaging Partners Online was misleading and the acronym IPO was anonymous. And the sector of teleradiology was undifferentiated in terms of branding. Many players, including IPO, were highlighting the technological aspect of what they did over the benefit to hospitals and ultimately to patients. They needed a new name and new brand identity to help them stand out.


Two ideas underpin the new strategy for Everlight Radiology: the importance of their follow the sun business model, which allows qualified doctors/radiologists in the UK and Australia to provide appropriate service within normal working hours. Second was the ethos of the company which we expressed as the brand idea “everyday critical.” This describes what matters to the company and the attitude they adopt in everything that they do. Their new positioning is as a lifeline for vital radiology services.


We changed their name to Everlight Radiology, an expression of their follow-the-sun 24/7 business model and of their positive approach to patient care. We created a new brand identity. It uses an elegant typographic treatment of the name supported by a dramatic color palette of black, yellow and white, and powerful people-based photography. The new brand identity was launched in April 2015. It has already raised the awareness of Everlight Radiology and is contributing to profile building.


Client: Everlight Radiology –
Marketing Managing, Major Projects: Tania McKenzie

Brand Strategists/Designers: Principals –

Director: Sandy Belford
Strategy Director: Daye Moffitt
Strategic Planner: Ed Elias
Group Account Director: Tui Horo
Senior Account Manager: Maria Njari
Executive Creative Director: Simon Wright
Senior Designer: Jane Spalding
Artworker: Adam Leddin
Animator: Hayden Mathis

Director of Brand Language: Hamish Cargill
Associate Director of Brand Language: Carrie Dennes